Lee Harvey Oswald: Naive, Framed CIA/FBI Informant

Lee Harvey Oswald was a paid FBI informant who thought he was infiltrating a plot to kill JFK. Unfortunately for him, he was being set up the whole time to take the fall for the assassination by his FBI/CIA handlers.

This video features Antonio Veciana, who had served the CIA as an asset in its many plots to have Fidel Castro killed. Veciana claimed that he had personally seen Lee Harvey Oswald talking to a US agent who he knew as Maurice Bishop in Dallas in August 1963. ¬†Maurice Bishop would turn out to be the alias of David Atlee Philips, a senior CIA Director, meaning that Oswald was certainly not a ‘lone nut.’

Oswald was contrived a job by his handlers at the Texas School Book Depository a mere 5 weeks before the JFK assassination just to have him in place as a convenient ‘patsy.’ ¬†It wasn’t a sure thing that the motorcade route would even go past the Texas School Book Depository until weeks beforehand so the planners had Oswald apply for jobs at other locations(tall buildings) which might have been used for framing an assassin on the parade route.