JFK Cover-Up Artist: Gerald Ford

Longtime CIA Spook Gerald Ford served on the Warren Commission whitewash and misrepresented JFK’s back wound by several inches to make it ‘fit’ with Arlen Specter’s Magic Bullet Theory. He and the other Warren Commission members personally met with Jack Ruby and suppressed his tale of conspiracy in the JFK assassination and kept him from testifying about what he knew in full to the American public.  Ford also apparently inadvertently revealed Oswald’s federal informant number in his 1966 propaganda work,  Portrait of the Assassin.  Oops!

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JFK Cover-Up Artist: G. Robert Blakey

G. Robert Blakey was in charge of the House Select Committee on Assassinations which investigated the JFK assassination in the late 1970’s. Author Gaeton Fonzi who wrote The Last Investigation, related how the HSCA was just another government whitewash from day one led by ‘friend of the Agency(the CIA)’ and organized crime affiliate, G. Robert Blakey.

According to the author, The HSCA was committed to 3 things: getting the report done on time in the arbitrary 2 year window, completing the report on budget, and making the report look ‘sexy,’ despite its lack of thoroughness and inability to raise many new questions about the case. Ultimately, the committee stated that ‘John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee was unable to identify the other gunmen or the extent of the conspiracy.’ Afterwards, Blakey got many of the records pertaining to the JFK assassination sealed from public viewing until at least 2017 with some items being off limits until 2039 when everyone associated with the JFK assassination will be long gone!


Author Michael Collins Piper mentioned in Final Judgement that Mr. Blakey was merely a paid, long term associate of Las Vegas/Cleveland gangster Moe Dalitz, and may have been taking orders from Mr. Dalitz in lying to Americans about the true facts of the JFK assassination as part of this business deal.

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Arlen Specter: JFK Assassination Conspiracy Cover-Up Artist

This is video of Arlen Specter describing his own implausible Magic/Single Bullet theory in the JFK Assassination after some practicing to get the story straight.

Author Gaeton Fonzi was a writer for Philadelphia Magazine in the late 1960’s. One night the author was in the presence of Specter, then an ambitious Philadelphia District Attorney. Specter’s nervous stuttering and stammering when first asked about the specifics of his theory convinced Fonzi that there was a conspiracy in the JFK assassination.


Author Jim Marrs mentions in his book, Crossfire, that Specter threatened witness Jean Hill with institutionalization if she did not recant her story of,’witnessing a rifleman firing from the Grassy Knoll and immediately being grabbed by two men who claimed to be Secret Service agents,’ and ‘between four and six shots.’   Ms. Hill recalled in 1986 that Specter’s exact words were, ‘Look, we can make you look as crazy as Marguerite Oswald(Oswald’s mom) and everybody knows how crazy she is.  We could have you put in a mental institution if you don’t cooperate with us.’

a brief 1992 video clip of JFK witness Jean Hill telling her account here:

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