LBJ: Willing, opportunistic participant, but not one of the JFK Assassination masterminds

This is a since-banned 2003 episode of The Men Who Killed Kennedy which details LBJ’s role in the JFK assassination. LBJ’s crooked past was catching up to him and there were rumors that he might be prosecuted or thrown off the ticket as JFK’s VP for the 1964 election. LBJ took part in the JFK assassination to save his own skin, politically.  The effects of LBJ’s subversive political legacy still haunt us today:

-useless, out of control welfare system that rarely makes its participants better

-reversal of America’s long standing immigration policies in 1965 which actually gave tax-incentives and entrepreneurial benefits to foreigners instead of longtime American taxpayers

-Vietnam debacle and related 58,000+ deaths and disillusionment of that generation’s Americans

-rogue nations acquired nuclear weapons

-tons of taxpayer money wasted on NASA(JFK hinted in a speech that he might tone down the Space Race in favor of a collaborative, non-hoaxed Space exploration effort)

-increase in foreign participation and lobbying in US elections

Also, LBJ has been dead and gone since 1973, so it’s not as if he could be running the cover-up.  Why do the Media and US gov’t still actively lie to us nowadays about the JFK Assassination?

here’s a brief clip of LBJ speaking about the JFK assassination with Walter Cronkite in 1969(not broadcast at LBJ’s request until the mid 1970’s some years after his death) :