JFK Cover-Up Artist: Gerald Ford

Longtime CIA Spook Gerald Ford served on the Warren Commission whitewash and misrepresented JFK’s back wound by several inches to make it ‘fit’ with Arlen Specter’s Magic Bullet Theory. He and the other Warren Commission members personally met with Jack Ruby and suppressed his tale of conspiracy in the JFK assassination and kept him from testifying about what he knew in full to the American public.  Ford also apparently inadvertently revealed Oswald’s federal informant number in his 1966 propaganda work,  Portrait of the Assassin.  Oops!

Another brief video on Gerald Ford’s JFK tricks here:

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JFK Cover-Up Artist: G. Robert Blakey

G. Robert Blakey was in charge of the House Select Committee on Assassinations which investigated the JFK assassination in the late 1970’s. Author Gaeton Fonzi who wrote The Last Investigation, related how the HSCA was just another government whitewash from day one led by ‘friend of the Agency(the CIA)’ and organized crime affiliate, G. Robert Blakey.

According to the author, The HSCA was committed to 3 things: getting the report done on time in the arbitrary 2 year window, completing the report on budget, and making the report look ‘sexy,’ despite its lack of thoroughness and inability to raise many new questions about the case. Ultimately, the committee stated that ‘John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee was unable to identify the other gunmen or the extent of the conspiracy.’ Afterwards, Blakey got many of the records pertaining to the JFK assassination sealed from public viewing until at least 2017 with some items being off limits until 2039 when everyone associated with the JFK assassination will be long gone!


Author Michael Collins Piper mentioned in Final Judgement that Mr. Blakey was merely a paid, long term associate of Las Vegas/Cleveland gangster Moe Dalitz, and may have been taking orders from Mr. Dalitz in lying to Americans about the true facts of the JFK assassination as part of this business deal.

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LBJ: Willing, opportunistic participant, but not one of the JFK Assassination masterminds

This is a since-banned 2003 episode of The Men Who Killed Kennedy which details LBJ’s role in the JFK assassination. LBJ’s crooked past was catching up to him and there were rumors that he might be prosecuted or thrown off the ticket as JFK’s VP for the 1964 election. LBJ took part in the JFK assassination to save his own skin, politically.  The effects of LBJ’s subversive political legacy still haunt us today:

-useless, out of control welfare system that rarely makes its participants better

-reversal of America’s long standing immigration policies in 1965 which actually gave tax-incentives and entrepreneurial benefits to foreigners instead of longtime American taxpayers

-Vietnam debacle and related 58,000+ deaths and disillusionment of that generation’s Americans

-rogue nations acquired nuclear weapons

-tons of taxpayer money wasted on NASA(JFK hinted in a speech that he might tone down the Space Race in favor of a collaborative, non-hoaxed Space exploration effort)

-increase in foreign participation and lobbying in US elections

Also, LBJ has been dead and gone since 1973, so it’s not as if he could be running the cover-up.  Why do the Media and US gov’t still actively lie to us nowadays about the JFK Assassination?

here’s a brief clip of LBJ speaking about the JFK assassination with Walter Cronkite in 1969(not broadcast at LBJ’s request until the mid 1970’s some years after his death) :

JFK Cover-Up Artist: Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi wrote a massive book about Oswald being a lone nut and killing JFK by himself. Here he is confronted on some of his half-truths by Jesse Ventura.  It turns out that Mr. Bugliosi and David Atlee Phillips, the CIA chief who framed Lee Harvey Oswald are old buddies!  Here’s a 1986 letter from a dying Atlee Phillips to Bugliosi in which Atlee Phillips basically asks Bugliosi to pick up the torch and carry on the US Government and Media lies about the JFK Assassination:

DAP to VB letter


David Atlee Phillips letter to Vincent Bugliosi letter 2



The name Jesse Ventura mentioned is George DeMohrenschildt, a CIA operative who befriended and ‘babysat’ Oswald in Dallas so he could be framed for the JFK assassination. Oswald had allegedly written a manuscript about being a patsy before he was actually framed for the JFK assassination and had given it to Mr. DeMohrenschildt! Mr. D was supposed to talk with JFK assassination investigator Gaeton Fonzi, but ended up dead as Mr. Fonzi was literally pulling up the driveway to his residence for their chat!

Brief Bio video on George DeMohrenschildt here:


David Atlee Phillips: The CIA’s master framer of Oswald…

David Atlee Phillips: The CIA's master framer of Oswald...

My private opinion is that JFK was done in by a conspiracy, likely including American intelligence officers.” – David Atlee Phillips, July 1986.

The Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi tells the tale of former-CIA asset and Cuban revolutionary, Antonio Veciana who claimed that he had personally seen Lee Harvey Oswald talking to a US agent who he knew as Maurice Bishop in Dallas in August 1963.  Maurice Bishop would turn out to be the alias of David Atlee Phillips, a senior CIA Director and accomplished propagandist with extensive Media ties, including collaboration with Warren Commission defender, Vincent Bugliosi!  Fonzi had a sketch artist create a drawing of the mysterious ‘Maurice Bishop’, which the author surreptitiously showed to David Atlee Phillips’ brother and numerous relatives for their total agreement on the resemblance!  Later on, Fonzi and Veciana personally confronted Atlee Phillips at a conference about his alternate identity and its role in the JFK assassination whereupon the powerful CIA director became visibly agitated and literally ran away from them to avoid their questions.

The Two Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald tells of the doomed patsy following a bunch of strange, self-incriminating orders from an operative known as ‘Bishop’.  Mr. Atlee Phillips was known to have used the alias, ‘Bishop’ in prior, separate, CIA covert operations so that his real name would never be associated with any of his schemes if they failed.


Author Larry Hancock mentions in Someone Would Have Talked,  that David Atlee Phillips’ own brother, James Phillips, completely shunned him after realizing what he had done in the JFK assassination conspiracy.

‘As David was dying of lung cancer, he called his brother. Even at this point there was apparently no reconciliation between the two men. James asked David pointedly, “Were you in Dallas that day?” David answered, “Yes,” and James hung up the phone on him.’


Below is a short (7 min.)video with David Atlee Phillips rationalizing his role in the JFK assassination and the existence of the CIA as some sort of great thing for Americans:

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Arlen Specter: JFK Assassination Conspiracy Cover-Up Artist

This is video of Arlen Specter describing his own implausible Magic/Single Bullet theory in the JFK Assassination after some practicing to get the story straight.

Author Gaeton Fonzi was a writer for Philadelphia Magazine in the late 1960’s. One night the author was in the presence of Specter, then an ambitious Philadelphia District Attorney. Specter’s nervous stuttering and stammering when first asked about the specifics of his theory convinced Fonzi that there was a conspiracy in the JFK assassination.


Author Jim Marrs mentions in his book, Crossfire, that Specter threatened witness Jean Hill with institutionalization if she did not recant her story of,’witnessing a rifleman firing from the Grassy Knoll and immediately being grabbed by two men who claimed to be Secret Service agents,’ and ‘between four and six shots.’   Ms. Hill recalled in 1986 that Specter’s exact words were, ‘Look, we can make you look as crazy as Marguerite Oswald(Oswald’s mom) and everybody knows how crazy she is.  We could have you put in a mental institution if you don’t cooperate with us.’

a brief 1992 video clip of JFK witness Jean Hill telling her account here:

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Dan Rather lies to Americans about the JFK Assassination

JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963.  The Zapruder film was not available to the American public until the mid 1970’s. Until then they had to take the word of people like Dan Rather as to what happened that day. Rather was one of a few people who had a viewing of the Zapruder Film before it was bought and locked away from the American public by Life Magazine. Once Americans were finally allowed to see the Zapruder footage of JFK’s assassination, Rather would be proven a liar for his earlier comments.

The Zapruder Film was finally aired for American TV viewers in 1975 on a late night talk show thanks to the efforts of unwitting JFK sleuth…..Geraldo Rivera?  The public airing of this footage killed the Warren Commission’s earlier whitewash efforts and necessitated the House Select Committee on Assassinations whitewash of the late 1970’s.