The Orville Nix Film

Orville Nix was an air-conditioning engineer who shot a film of JFK’s motorcade with his camera which actually shows one of the shooters(Charles Harrelson) firing a round at JFK from behind the Picket Fence/Grassy Knoll area!  He turned in his film to the FBI after the assassination only to have it returned to him altered and missing a few frames(the frames which clearly show the shooter and the rifle smoke had to be altered).  Eventually Mr. Nix sold the film to United Press International, after turning down prior offers from Life Magazine and CBS, who promptly hid the fully incriminating footage away from the public for decades!

Orville Nix speaks about his film:

bio of Orville Nix:


2 thoughts on “The Orville Nix Film

  1. Thank you so much for this post about my grandfather. I’m currently writing a book about how he was treated by the media, the government and of course, the missing original film he took that horrible day.

    Gayle Nix-Jackson

    • Keep the faith and tell the story. We are now all custodians of the truth not for this year or this century but for the distant future, when the full truth will emerge.

      The coup d’etat put a new system of government in place, and only once it falls, as it will, can the truth fully emerge.

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