Judyth Vary Baker: Lee Harvey Oswald’s Mistress in 1963

Judyth Vary Baker was a teen science prodigy and accomplished speed-reader swept up into a plot to create a Super-Cancer which might kill Fidel Castro in a matter of days without raising suspicions. Her earlier science achievements included inducing cancer in lab mice in the hopes of understanding and ultimately defeating Cancer. (She had accomplished this feat faster than had been accomplished anywhere else at the time.)

During the course of her work with scientists and government operatives in the get Castro with Super-Cancer plot, she met and started a romance with Lee Oswald. Oswald served as go-between in a world of shady government operatives, mobsters and scientists during the plot. He knew the likes of Jack Ruby, Carlos Marcello, David Atlee Philips, Dr. Alton Ochsner, Dave Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, James Angleton, and Dr. Mary Sherman personally and over a long period of time in complete contrast to what the Warren Commission concluded.

Oswald and Ms. Vary Baker were actually fans of JFK, she recalls. They worked in the Cancer plot in the hopes that Castro’s death and the resulting political chaos over re-establishing American interests there might actually spare JFK from assassination.

After several months of escalated testing of the Super Cancer on mice, monkeys, and then ultimately human test subjects, the bio-weapon was finally ready. After an abortive attempt by Oswald to pass the super cancer off in Mexico City per the instructions of handler David Atlee Philips, Oswald began to surmise that he was being set up as the fall guy for impending JFK assassination attempts.

In hindsight, he realized that by dutifully following his earlier orders that he was being hemmed in to the role of ‘misfit’, ‘lone nut’, pro-Marxist, potential assassin in suspicious Cold War America. Instead of taking flight, Oswald remained within the conspiracy to see if he might pass along any useful information about the conspirators to any and all loyal CIA, FBI who were not involved with the JFK assassination efforts. There is evidence that Oswald foiled a JFK assassination attempt in the works for Chicago a few weeks prior to the successful hit in Dallas by writing notes to several FBI employees there with advance warning of that particular plot.

In the end, there was nothing Oswald could do about the plot for Dallas. He reasoned that his absence would only amount to ‘one less gun’ for the plotters while his presence would mean ‘one less bullet aimed at Kennedy,’ as he accepted his assignment to take a job at the Texas School Book Depository a mere few weeks prior to the assassination. This assignment from the CIA’s Atlee Philips was to give the conspicuous, dissident, ‘lone nut’ Oswald a means to get at JFK from a tall building near a potential parade route so he could be conveniently framed for the assassination later on.

Incidentally, forensics tests proved that Oswald had not fired a rifle on the day of the JFK assassination. There is also evidence that he was on the second floor at the time of the shootings instead of one of the upper floors of the TSBD. Additionally, Oswald was seen buying popcorn in the Texas Theatre at the time of Dallas patrolman J.D. Tippit’s murder. He could not, therefore, have been the man(impostor) who went in to the film sometime later without paying for a ticket, thereby alerting authorities to close in on the real Oswald already inside. Oswald was ordered to get to the theatre to meet a contact for ‘further instruction’ from his handlers after the Assassination took place. Many believe Oswald was to be killed in the theatre right then and there, neatly book-ending the day’s pre-planned activities. He simply knew too much and too many details of this large plot.

Later, dozens of other conspirators and witnesses to the JFK assassination schemes began dying of premature causes or (take a guess) fast acting, galloping Cancer, like Jack Ruby, who told friends he had been ‘injected with Cancer cells’ and died a few weeks after being diagnosed! In the end, Vary Baker says that the misunderstood, framed and vilified Oswald ‘just wanted to be a good Marine.’

Her book, Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald can be found here at Amazon:


another interesting book which mentions Judyth, and gives more details of the Cancer Plot she worked on here:


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